Monday, October 22, 2012

Presidential Debate Brands

Obama and Romney aren't the only two names with something at stake tonight. As UnBeige reports, Mohawk fine papers has announced they’re behind the event's print materials, from press releases and programs to car decals and commemorative posters at the request of OcĂ©, a debate sponsor. The venue itself, Lynn University’s Keith C. & Elaine Johnson Wold Performing Arts Center, was designed by Newman Architects, who point out that “The design conveys a shared sense of participation of audience and performer.“

Monday, October 15, 2012

Branding as Art

Google took its mercurial logo to new levels October 15 with an interactive cartoon dreamscape honoring animator and artist Winsor McCay, on the 107th anniversary of his "Little Nemo" comic strip.
Just click on the Google logo, and keep clicking. Or see the whole animation here.

While most brands strive to keep strict consistency in their logo executions, Google embraces a curated variety and comes out looking better for it.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

If You Love Love, You'll Love Loveland

The City of Loveland has launched a new initiative to rebrand itself with an "everything you love" tagline adapted to its main tourism draws: "Loveland, Colorado: Art You Love," Loveland, Colorado: Brewing You Love, " etc.

This is according to The Denver Post. The city's own website still reflects the brand identity it's held since 1946 as The Sweetheart City: 160,000 Valentine cards from around the world are re-mailed through Loveland, "known for its dedication to romance."

Update: See clarification from Nicole in Comments, below